Real Estate Website Design in Mississauga

The Agents Web Solutions,Mississauga based, using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, is helping real estate agents who wish to increase their profit and their web presence. Our clean and sophisticated real estate web design make people stay on your real estate website and our SEO techniques are far more advanced than most competition. Our team takes their website design projects very seriously and professional quality website design is an integral part of your business and online presence. This is the reason why any real estate agent should choose carefully who will design their website and who will be responsible for their SEO and online marketing solutions.

Clean & Elegant Website Design

We pride ourselves as a company of having a nice clean and elegnat design. This helps you as an agent to impress your clients

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SEO Friendly Websites

Search Engine Optimization is a HUGE factor in your on-line presence and if you play your cards right it can be the only factor. We can help you and make your business successful.

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Fully Responsive Design

It's hard to keep up with the technology for an agent, especially when things change constantly, you should not have to worry about it, let us do that for you. All our website are device friendly.

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Featured Services

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Get an IDX Listings Website

Get IDX for real estate website. We offer IDX MLS® listings for realtors and real estate brokers seeking superior online marketing tools.

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Make is easier on home buyers

Our property listings map will allow anyone searching for a home to go through all the available listings based upon their property location preference.

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Our Clients

Website Design Tips

Every year, new technology and changing consumer preferences inspire the continued evolution of the internet and digital marketing. To have any hope of succeeding in this competitive marketplace, your brand must strive to stay at the forefront of online innovation. While you don’t necessarily need to adopt every new trend and technology, it is important to identify the various factors that lead to an improved user experience.

Here below are the four real estate website design tips:

1. Keep your website simple:

Simple is beautiful, and ease of use should be primary focus when designing or redesigning your website. If your customers are confused by unconventional design elements, they will quickly start looking elsewhere, so your website must be simple, intuitive and esthetically pleasing. It is particularly important for real estate agents to structure your website in a straightforward way whereby the most important pieces of content, such as calls to actions, featured listings, are clearly visible and identified without having to scroll down or search for it. Basically, people will not look for information, they rather prefer the information to be served to them.

2. Use White Space:

The space between on-page elements as well as the margins on your real estate website is typically known as white space. Contrary to what some might believe, white space is not wasted space, and it is actually an essential element on any website. Having plenty of white space helps to highlight important elements as well as make space for a more comfortable viewing experience on displays of all sizes. If you clutter up your real estate website and create it in a way that is hard to look at, your visitors will be annoyed, irritated and confused.

3. Choose your colors:

You probably already have colours picked based on your brand or your logo. Choosing the right colors for your business is very important as that give you’re your business or website signature and unique aspect of the same. It is also important to use your brand colors on the social media and online marketing. All this helps you build your real estate brand.

4. Use a Responsive Website

When building a website, nowadays it is very important that your website is accessible to users with all devices and screen sizes. The responsive website will help you generate more traffic and as a real estate agent you should know that 80% of people searching to buy a home are doing it on their mobile devices.